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Any Chart

Anychart offers flexible Macromedia Flash based solutions that allows you to create animated, compact, interactive and great looking flash charts and flash maps. XML configuration files that can be modified in real time on server side to represent dynamically changing data of any kind on a chart of choice.

Media Resizer

Media Resizer

This powerful and flexible, yet easy to use utility will help you to resize thousands of your pictures. Media Resizer quickly and easily prepares your image collections to be published on the web. Media Resizer supports both Image and Video Formats that gives you a wide variety of ways to create the coolest thumbnails! Media Resizer makes working with your digital photos as easy as possible!

Icon Constructor

Icon Constructor

Icon Constructor converts images of any format into Windows icons. You can find many images on the Internet and convert them to icons for use on your Windows desktop, in applications and much more. It supports Windows XP icons in 32-bit color depth with an alpha channel; now you can create semi-transparent XP icons easily. With just a few clicks, any image can be turned into an icon.Assign eye-catching icons to individual Windows folders, making every folder different.The simple Icon Constructor interface makes it easy to change the look of an every folder.

Watermark Factory

Watermark Factory

Watermark Factory allows you to add text or image watermark to any picture. Protect your copyrights or simply add comments to any picture. This useful program has beautiful and easy to use interface. You will be able to process thousands of files in a few seconds

Watermark Factory

Video Watermark Factory

Video Watermark Factory - a full-featured yet easy-to-use software that allows placing a digital watermark or logo or text over an existing video in the batch mode. Watermarks can be used for protection or adding comments to your movies. You may impose watermark on a whole video file or on a specified section of the movie. Brand Your Video With A Watermark!
Latest News

April, 17 '07 - Oracle Chooses AnyChart Solution for Latest Release of Oracle® Application Express

April, 15 '07 -Sibental is a member of Oracle Partner Network

March, 15 '07 - AnyChart has partnered with Adobe

Feb, 20 '07 - Video Watermark Factory 1.0 release

Sep, 26 '06 - Watermark Factory 2.5 release

Our users say...

"Icon Constructor allows me to create very beatiful icon in seconds! I just took a picture of my wife and converted it info a mail shortcut. Thanks!!!"

- David Holman
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